Hi, My name is BURTZ.

I am a/an:

Wedding Photographer | Owner of a Cebu-based Wedding and Events team, Blinkboxphotos

Husband | A Wedding Photographer married to a Wedding Photographer | FR, My wife, and I both run and manage Blinkboxphotos

Taekwondo brown-belter | but I stopped doing Taekwondo since College days, I haven’t advanced to Black belt since then

Adventure-seeker | Me and my Wife love to travel and go on spontaneous trips

Engineer  but not quite | I graduated with a degree in ECE but didn’t really have the chance to practice


This photo blog contains my personal photo projects and collaborations with co-artists and friends.

Thank you everyone for dropping by and taking a peek.

If you wish to collaborate, just drop me a message and we can talk about it over coffee or tea.




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